The Amateur Eye – Putin Has USA in Pocket

Did you read my cartoon piece?  If not, then do so on the listing following this. What we need to do is focus on the American ship.  By this, I mean to say: TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN AFFAIRS AND BUSINESS OF RUNNING THE COUNTRY. To Hell with the Russians. To Hell with this garbage of trying to destroy the Trump bus that seems stuck waiting for the gate to rise and see the Russian train pull off on a side track line.  CORRUPT US POLITICANS are as guilty as any in the world but the chess game the Russians play we have no match for since Bobby Fischer left the stage and Boris Spassky found refuge in France.

The American people and voters have been conned by the cleverness of Putin who can enjoy smiling and toying with the captured chess pieces.  And unfortunately for Americans and our President, reading CHESS FOR DUMMIES while quite possibly give an amateur eye view for learning the game cannot possibly function at the same professional level of the RUSSIAN BEAR.  And this can be viewed as stupid American bullheadedness of the conservative, liberal, moderate cadre that make up both houses of Congress having the sole purpose to undermine President Trump’s main front to “DRAIN THE SWAMP.  The bureaucrats headed by their long-term body of Democrat Party brothers and sisters wise in their use of political skullduggery have used up just about every tactical strategy not only to stay in power but to destroy a President including his family and anyone who poses a danger to the Clinton-Pelosi past by using the Russian angle that some in the business world have ties to Russia.  Putin cunningly made use of this and why he smiles today.  THE SHIP OF FOOLS!



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