Join Don’s Comic Coffee Break

We see government seemingly unable for self-interest reason of the Congress to work to trigger through bills in a timely fashion.  Patience is required to do what it takes to solve problems once and for all.  Congress seems as a body to understand that the first set of ideas or plans may require thought and feedback which reminds me of seeing too many chickens in the henhouse that sees a lot of hackling and cackling.  What else?  How else? simply tells the old story that it is best to go deeper sometimes than it is to grab the first taxi that comes along.  By all means, keep the momentum up.

Your active mind may keep you awake at night.  Long-term, sleepless hours can create havoc with your senses.  Short breaks and naps can do wonders to remedy duress. Just look at the comic Beetle Bailey when the general is in his easy chair napping while his two typists and secretary wonder about how rules are made for the world. Why can’t I sleep when I want, eat when I want, or work when I want? Well, around here, you could if you were a General!

A bit of wisdom comes through on this discussion.  Dilbert says, As you can see from my financial projections, doing a major upgrade now would be unwise.  His superior notes that he needs to spend his entire upgrade budget this year so they won’t give me a smaller one next year.  Dilbert irked and says, It seems you have wasted my time which brings the quick response–It’s not my fault you got the wrong answer!

And we all know it is a DOG’S WORLD when the DOG sticks his tongue out at Charlie.  Charlie is quick to anger.  “Now cut that out!  Just because you can’t go running off to see that girl-beagle you met, you don’t have to be so obnoxious!  By golly, you’d better start behaving yourself!!  AND STOP MAKING THOSE LONG-DISTANCE PHONE CALLS!!  Gosh, can I help it if all I can think about is how soft her paws are!?



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