The Amateur Eye — Dem Psychotic Bums

The Demons of the airways are jackasses as described by their donkey persona.  IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT!  HE IS A MENACE!  HE DOESN’T SPEAK FOR ME AS COMMANDER IN CHIEF!  All this boils down to one word, folks!  HATRED which expressed in its most impartial nonsense is a condition I term SATAN’S DEVILSH PARTY-GOERS, — so sick as a result of having Queen Hillary not crowned where they would be able to continue to milk the cows.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN? If not, you don’t belong in my readership. Oh, I am happy to have you but I just don’t want to be responsible for creating your ulcers or a blockage in your brain due to reading my stuff.

They in unison call for the President’s head.  Well, their artwork certainly backfired as demonstrated by the comic’s headless poor taste.  Need I suggest all these 50 or so who get paid for child-like behavior in recent months be terminated in the next election?? Might it not be the best move for the American voter to clean the swamp since few, other than the President and Trump supporters appear to rock the sailing ship of FOOLS!


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