The Amateur Eye — Yuk! The Najdorf Sicilian?!

Well, I have news for yuh!  A new line for White!  Jeroen Bosch takes a look at a rare idea that kind of springs forth out of my square count theory.  I can only suggest you subscribe to NEW IN CHESS MAGAZINE.  But lets see what the whole relatively new idea is and raise the question: Is it any good compared to  a boat load already hibernating in the books?

l. e4   c5  2. Nf3  d6  3. d4  c:d4  4. N:d4  Nf6  5. Nc3  a6

Of course this position can spring forth at least a half-dozen ideas for white where black has fewer patterns to consider.

6. h4!?  Nc6  7. h5!?  h6!

If, on the other hand, Black goes for say, 7….e5 8. N:c6  b:c6 9. h6! favors White.  So, you see in square count style, the pawn just keeps going its merry way if permitted.

8. Be3  Ng4  9. N:c6 b:c6  10. Bd2  Nf6  11. Qf3!

Setting up a trap in the style of Anderssen and the Morphy era.  11… Bg4  12. Qe3  B:g4? 13. e5! d:e5 14. R:h5!! N:h5  15. Qf3  Nf6 16. Q:c6+ Nd7 17. B:a6 e6 18. O-O-O and with White developed pieces will over run the Black position.

11. … e5 12. Bc4  Be6 13. B:e6  f:e6  14. O-O-O Qc7  15.  g4 or 15. Kb1 Be7 16. Qh3! with good play for both sides.  15… Nh7 16. Qd3  Be7  17, f4  O-O 18. g5 or 18. Ne2 both yielding White strong attacks.

Here I stop to let you absorb the general idea of White’s pawn spearhead.  My articles are aimed at giving you ideas about opening patterns. In any opening the maze of possibilities in chess are endless.  Individual  styles offer up interesting plans. We’ll examine future ideas seen in this whole concept for both sides.


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