The Amateur Eye — Death of Western Socialism?

THE COMMUNISTS IDEOLOGS in the guise of pure communists like Berry Withuis and Russian czar V. Putin would just as soon bury the western socialists for whom they have only contempt.  The purity angle was established long ago and ingrained into the communist mind where the end is only a matter of the time clock.  For those who crave the communist system should recognize that there is a distinct difference between the two where there is no room for the western brand.  This, the stupid socialists made up of the professors and other educators and journalists who breathe this as the wave of the future, simply kid themselves.  They, like others before them, will be lined up before a wall and shot dead.  One can liken them to sheep being led to the slaughter.  One would not be remiss in saying: WHY?  The answer is simple: You were not one of us in spirit and your radicalism we recognize is a cancer needed to be cut out before it grows because your house doesn’t meet or co-exist within our own future.  Berry said it in his own words: Unpleasant  as the prospect might be to him, half-hearted leftists like those in the west would have to be executed by my comrades.

These are the times and belief structures that lead to suicide, hatred of both ideologies that penetrate the brain waves of people who have no moral value system inborn within them.  There is no belief structure other than seeing everything from a hate perspective. Consequently the mind becomes a stone, having no structural virtue or purpose but to destroy all things beautiful in thought and deed.

Of course I do have a promise of the end time for which we should all today prepare for lest we procrastinate too much.  The old saying is true: When you see a good person, be joyful, kind and helpful; when you see an evil person, examine your own heart but pray also for their soul that goodness will shine and bring change from a rainy to a sunny day in their life.


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