Don’s Coffee Break Delights in Humor

You can control many things that will lead to future gains.  But much you will discover is out of your control.  Accept this reality and you will find a lot of psychic energy.  You have plenty of hustle so people around you will recognize the hard work you do in your projects.  You can be an example for others especially those with less experience.

An executed idea is the only way to know whether it was a good or bad idea.

Even intelligent people can be conned into accepting ridiculous garbage spewed with intentional hatred, so see from where it comes.

Dagwood and his son  sit watching an exciting war on the TV. BWAAAHAAAAHAA!!!  We’re taking over the universe. ZAPP! VA-VOOM!!  Dagwood says: They sure use a lot special effects these days in these movies they come out with.  WE SHALL TRANSFORM YOUR MORTAL WORLD AS YOU NOW KNOW IT!  Alexander tells his dad, This isn’t a movie Dad, it is an insurance commercial! WHILE SAVING YOU 15% OR MORE.

Pickles has become one of my favorites…  HONK!  Poor Earl.  You’ve been coughing and sneezing and blowing your nose for two days.  Is there anything I can do to help?  Yeah!  I need 10 more boxes of tissues or a really good nose plug!

Beware poor advice.  Hagar reminds us that time has altered nothing in terms of historical times.  I had to fire my no-good accountant, he tells his wife.  But you said he really knows his Viking business!  He does!  He plundered my money!

Dilbert tells the boss that he moved the staff back into cubicles instead of open spaces. We found out that open spaces lead to distractions of assorted kinds.  If you need me further, I’ll be in my fabric-covered box.

Beetle Bailey meets a team member returning from a furlough.  How was your furlough Plato?  I think the army has had a bad effect on me. I kept calling everyone “jerks”, “maggots”, “funks” and “losers.”


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