The Amateur Eye — Old Age & Beauty

We chess players all turn old sooner or later.  How we perceive that eventual reality I here try to ease that feeling and share with you what this old man has learned over a life time.

There are many phases we pass through where ideas and realities sometime mix well and others when it seems like stirring the pot is burning or spoiling the grub so-to-speak.  We learn to take the good, the bad, and the ugly in stride.  The easiest way to say it is that there is a gap in the ages of humans that automatically alter our thinking in terms of fulfillment.  This encompasses belief, interests, love, respect toward others and charity. Millennials eye age 40 as old, especially women.  Younger ages might consider teens, adults ages 18-39 to be classed as old, telling us that what generational gap we find ourselves in dictates physical but not necessarily mentalities within groups.  The old saying is that you find vigor an element of wellbeing and youth springs eternal for some to be found at any age.

With the advancement of modern technology in labor and health life spans have increased.  Retirements have for many allowed a choice where to live, climate, general interests, new as well as old friendships.  We live in an age probably only dreamed by our forefathers for children and future generations.  This modern cycle of life today is most uplifting for those who strive to achieve some freedom of independence.

We know that everyone is not equal due to intelligence, home and country where there can be a wide variance of stability.  That is why I said we witness the good, the bad and the ugly.   As a Christian I believe in the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit; the devil Satan and his angels that ever tempt mankind to bear the fruit of sin.  That is why we are all sinners in the sight of God.  Jesus came to remedy that by his sacrifice on the Cross.  By prayer we are given the power to repel such sinful thoughts that plague the world.  Our thoughts of forming comparisons often turn portrayed good toward  an evil setting so disguised to entrap our thoughts in a devilish way.  To win this battle with Satan, the Bible provides the righteous way of living a joyful life by living the gift of the Ten Commandments.  It is the holy armor for mankind and gift of the Father who gave us his Son to give a just rule forever to live by.


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