Don’s Coffee Hour Delights

You have to be willing to face rejection–something you have to muster up.  This willingness is not my cup of tea to be sure, however it is harder than most people pretend, often beyond the reach of human kind.  It is, however (for today at least) the single most useful trait toward increasing your influence today.

My columns treat with square count the prospective winners and losers but don’t hold me to the finish which, in chess, can be a diabolical resolution to either a part or the whole.  Not floods, rain, fire or war will alter the spirit of the faithful.  Surely, being an honest witness inside you will spark truisms  toward your goals.

Blondie and Dagwood are true spirits.  Take the time Blondie asks if she looks good in her new bathing suit.  Before Dagwood can even answer, she pipes up with “Goodie! I’ll keep it.  Dagwood blurts out with, “I did not answer you.”  Well, you sorta did.

In Pickles, Opal is demonstrating how to set up a password to her sister.  Setting up a new account online. Select a security question.  WHO WAS YOUR FIRST PROM DATE? I never had a prom date. Thanks for bringing it up–blah.  Her sister pipes in with Ha. Ha! These aren’t security questions. They’re insecurity questions!

Hagar’s wife screams to her mate DO SOMETHING!!  Attila the Hun is headed for my mother’s house.   Hagar dashing out the door with his sword and shield says:  I never thought I’d be rescuing Attila the Hun!!

Dilbert always finds the right words:  I hear you’re a corporate spy for our “Elbonian” competitors.  That is an unfounded RUMOR!!  That is what guilty people say according to MSNBC and CCN.  I am not seeing a pathway to success with you here but turn the channel to FOX for clarification and rebuttal of such fake news!

Beetle tells his buddy that Sarge is not exactly a Boy Scout.  How so?  He has his own way of helping old ladies cross the street. HUP! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Sonny asks his mom in the Family Circus: “How much money does Batman get when they make a movie about him?”


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  1. LovelyTeaTeas Says:

    Cool post, do you mind if I link to it from my new blog/tea shop?

    Its called Lovely Tea Teas? Thanks in advance – Oliver
    aka Mr Tea

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