The Amateur Eye — Cartoon Craze

Andy Davey, one of the UK’s leading political cartoonists, highlights the indiscretions in the political world by a series on V. Putin’s role in the infamous world of hacking.  The cartoon in NEW IN CHESS sets the flavor for a political world of GM Garry Kasparov’s vision as he perceives it.

Putin is being portrayed as the ultimate strategist on the political chess board basking in the light of Russian superiority in this political game where several Euro members drawn to be foreign heads to dominate the European theatre, the board showing all Putin’s pieces dominating the scene with Putin’s fingers on toying with the captured pieces and pawns.

The whole concept of the cartoon is wrong in that Putin is given the nod for having hoodwinked the West and especially the United States by falling prey to the antics of the Russian leader who plays the strings of the puppets ever seen in shocked disbelief, horror and fear.  Donald Trump is learning all about chess by reading CHESS FOR DUMMIES!  so he can come up to speed in understanding all there is to know about this political game the Russians and their crony spies have unleashed upon the world.

I disagree with the world view that Trump plays like an idiot.  He is a builder who works hard to understand the world stage as it really is.  He is the only leader not engrossed in the antics played out on the board but is studiously looking to become wise in the ways of the Russian Bear.  For amateurs, it is not a bad book to examine on the game of life and the game of chess.


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