Don’s Humor-rama

The tools used to create will be a focal point but don’t be fooled.  Creativity doesn’t come from machines but from the human spirit and savvy.  Turn on the light!

Not taking a vacation this year?  Really?  I thought we were into it.

To discover those who have the best perspective about a job, you will find are the ones who often start at the bottom and learned from experience.  Good things rarely turn out well when starting at the top or even middle level.  That often finds a vacuum in understanding and reaching the goal you set for yourself.

A builder is one who sees an empty lot and envisions a work of achievement and beauty.

Pickles:  Oh, shoot!  I forgot my password again.  You forgot your password?  Nope, I never forget my password.  Oh, shoot! I never forget my password again IS MY PASSWORD SIGN-IN!!

Hagar:  You have fleas!  You have to get your dog out of the house immediately!  It’s too late.  The dog already caught them from me!

The General:   The new recruits are scheduled for a fly-over any minute now, sir.  Yes! Yes!  Here they come!  Darn–I missed getting my camera shot.  Quick!  Ask them to do another fly-over.

The Family Circle:   Boy. mommy!  This trip to a greenhouse is exciting.  It sure is!  But where do they grow artificial plants?



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