The Amateur Eye — Chessboard Magic

White:  IM Nazi Paikidze   vs.  Black:  WFM  Carissa Shirwen Yip   St. Louis, MO. WUSC  2017.

l. d4  d5  2. Nf3  Nf6  3. c4  e6  4. g3  d:c4  5. Bg2  This, the Catalan (EO4) variation has a long history of solid, well-defined play by both sides.  It has remained a drawback for the black forces to find a comfort zone in established play.

5. …c5  NP: One of the easiest ways to go astray is the idea of playing for a draw. This line of play makes one feel a burden slowly building.

6. O-O  Nc6  7. d:c5  Q:d1  8. R:d1  B:c5  9. Nbd2  c3  The idea here is to weaken the pawn structure by saddling white with two isolani.  However, the b-file offers a half-open file for the Rook effecting square count.

10. b:c3  O-O  11. Nb3  Be7  12. Bb2  Nd7  13. Nfd2  Nb6  14. a4  a5  15. c4! Rd8  16. c5

Proceeding on its merry way up the board.

16. … Nd5  17.  Nc4  Ndb4?!  It would seem more logical to play 17….Bd7, developing.

18. Nb6  Rb8  19. N:a5  B:c5  20. N:c6  Examine square count!!

20. … R:d1+  21. R:d1  N:c6  22. a5!!  f6  23. B:c6  B:b6  24. a:b6  a:b6 25. R:d8+  Kf7  26. Ba3  Ra8  27. R:c8!  Probably the easiest way to win but also very strong is 27. Bc5.

27. … R:c8  28. Bd6 Rd8  29. b7 R;d6  30. b7-b8/Q  Rd1+ 31. Kg2  Rc1 32. Qa7+ Kg8  33. Qe3 Rc2  34. Q:e6+  Kf8  35. Qe4  Black resigns.

Nazi’s opponent was 13-years old. Another youngster climbing the ladder of rating enrichment.



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