Don’s Humor Recordings

I am back after a break in my daily routine which is my blog …a sanity cure-all!!  Sometimes I just can’t cope with all the crap I see on TV news.  MSNBC I really find a total waste and turn-off.  Whatever happened to good journalism.  Does it still exist in the fingers or mouths of reporters?

To exercise restraint requires self-discipline.  Some way or other I manage to stay ahead of the curve of opinion seekers and stay clear of emotional outbursts in essays.  That stays within the walls of my office here at home.  I am a nice guy; I am a nice guy.  With prayer, studying my Bible and living (or trying to) the Ten Commandments for righteous living that keeps any thought of visiting the couch of a psychiatrist completely out of my range of lifestyle.

The  Earthly World is ruled by the devil Satan.  Jesus is King.  Jesus is Savior!  Evil waging battles by unrepentant sinners will find justice and death their END.  That is the historic record of the Christian Faith.  That is the warning given with God’s way to salvation while time permits. The teachings of Christian leaders regardless of age or occupation broadly announced to peoples everywhere may well be the final message by God for the World population to repent of sins because all have sinned in the sight of God. Is this the time a sign of Biblical prophesy being fulfilled?  I don’t know the time, the day.  But the angels of Satan will be destroyed.

Now, there he goes again–on one of his religious talks.  Fools laugh.  But I have said that the Lord speaks to me in prayer and uses my fingers through my wired brain to post my commentary.

Garfield:  I’ve decided I don’t want to make a big deal out of my birthday this year. I am older and wiser.  I am realizing the things that mean the most to me.  All I want is your love and kindness, Jon and a cake and presents to make me drool.

Pickles:  What are we having for dinner?  Chicken soup sure sounds good.  Seems like we have chicken this and chicken that just about every day.  Did you ever consider the many chickens who gave up their lives just for our dinner?  So, before we engage in eating, let us pray thanks for the food we are about to eat before it gets cold.







One Response to “Don’s Humor Recordings”

  1. Jean Says:

    This was my favorite , I believe , of all of your writings. The world seems crazy lately , out if control . And we can’t help but wonder….is this it? Is this what the bible speaks of ?
    It might be.

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