Don’s Hall of Humor

It does absolutely no good to be irritated by every little thing that happens.  Being sensitive is a blessing and curse and is only helpful as it can be adjusted appropriately to  the situation at hand,  Dancing in the shadows of probability can prove irksome to the spirit. Finding fault is like washing windows.  All the dirt seen is on the other side.

Pickles:  Gramma, grampa and grandson we find sitting on the front porch steps. I took back the library books because I was tired of waiting for you to do it.  Grampa in his usual good sense said “Thanks dear.  You’re a sweetheart.”  Gramp’s wisdom to youth, “Sometimes when you are faced with an unpleasant task, you just have to dig down deep and find the patience to wait for someone else to do it.”

Peanuts:  It is really a good thing that people are different.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if everybody agreed on everything?  Why?  If everybody agreed with me, they would all be right!  which brings me in line with my own witty ways.

The  Amateur  Eye  – My Own Fake News

I was watching TV news and getting the usual garbage of fiction news when the news switched to a visit with Putin.  You know who Putin is!?!? Well, I found him sitting at the piano and opening the closure started to knock out not music but what sounded to me like a coded message seen by shortwave radio enthusiasts.  When he finished he closed the cover, got up with a big smile on his face and strode off.  Now I ask you, did this warrant TV news time?  And what was so damned suspicious was the grin as he walked off.  One commentator was heard to say that the boss needed to take music lessons.  Meanwhile, at KGB headquarters the lights stayed on late into the night.  Now, that whole Putin smile makes one wonder just what the hell is going on as MSNBC nutcases report.  Why did this take place?  Just what is going on?  And Trump just has to be involved in this latest escapade.  It just has to have something to do with the corrupted election returns or was it his coming trip to the middle east and Europe?  We need to have another special prosecutor to handle this!! Maybe we should not let him take the trip because he is such a dunce. finis.

Thus, we come to recognize just how ridiculous all this fake news via MSNBC is and how damaging it is to air night and day about our nation and leaders.  And in my opinion and that of many across America and the world, Donald J. Trump is doing a “great job” bringing back to America all that which “Makes America Great Again!”  Anyone can see that he is not a politician by yesterday’s standards.  He is in a learning curve where, God willing, he will be long remembered as one who improved America and its ideals and values and to lead us out of the darkness and guide us into a bright and sunny century.






















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