The Amateur Eye – Political Hogwash/Waste

Time and again I promise myself to avoid commenting on the hogwash in politics.  Life is too short and the focus as all TV and radio news aims often by journalists or guests who have a new book to sell gives me heartburn as I suspect such listening effects you likewise.  These idiot masters of such jargon reminds me of the old RCA records with beautiful symphonies the family listen to and I spent hundreds, if not thousands by having a recording RCA or Columbia membership.  The difference is clear:  we got something valuable for the cost and time spent listening that brought peace to thoughtful reflection.

Really.  I am not interested in receiving tons of political junk mail from the elected pushing me to send them donations when current elections just concluded put them in office.  Makes me wonder if they are doing their job or wasting monies paying for all these constant mailings which hit my mailbox almost daily and caused damage.  And then I get dollar bills in the envelopes to encourage me to open the envelope and respond by returning the dollar bill along with, you guessed it, a handsome donation.  I guess Washington, DC, where most of this mail comes from is cycled throughout the charity trough.  Point blank–I don’t have the money or time to waste answering phone calls. And not being a recipient of political favors irks me because I see the waste of postage and paper.  I am sure these folks who are hired to do this have good intentions but good intentions do not cut it with me for the expense all way around that includes my mailbox.


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