The Amateur Eye – Wesley So tops field!

White:  Wesley So    vs.   Black:  Pentala Harikrishna    Opening:  English Symmetrical

l. Nf3  Nf6  2. g3  g6  3. Bg2  Bg7  4. c4  c5  5. Nc3  d5 WS suggests 5….O-O and it certainly looks less committal.

6. d4  c:d4  7. N:d4  d:c4  8. Qa4+ Nbd7  9. O-O O-O  10. Rd1  Nb6  11. Qa3  Qd6  12. Q:d6  e:d6  13. a4  a6  Black is already in trouble. On 13…Nbd7 PH runs into 14. Bf4 Ne8 15.Ndb5.

14. Bf4  sc=14/7

14. … d5!  15. a5!  Nbd7  16. Rac1  Rd8  17. Bc7  Re8  18. Bd6?  A mistake as WS misses 18. N:d5  N:d5  19. B:d5  Ne5  20. 20. B:e5 R:e5 21. e4 recovering a better position.

18.  …Ne5  19. B:d5  N:d5  20. N:d5  Bg4  21. Rd2  Red8  22. Nb6  R:d6 23. N:a8  Nc6 24. Nf3  R:d2  25. N:d2  B:b2  26. R:c4  B:e2  27. Re4  Bd3  28. Re3  Nb4?  Correct and his best seems to be making use of his powerful bishop-pair.  28… Ne5 29. Nf3 N:f3+ 30. R:f3  Bb5! 31. Nc7  Bc6 levels the play.

29. Nb6!  Getting all the pieces into active play.  29. Nc7 was also very strong.

29… Bd4 30. Re7  Nc6 31. R:b7 N:a5  32. Rd7  Nc6  33. Nb3  Bf5 34. R:d4  N:d4 35. N;d4 36. Kg2!  White brings his King into active play.

36. …Bd3  37. Kf3  Ke7 38. Ke3  Bf1  39. Nf3  Kd6 40. Kd4  f6 41. Nd2 Be2  42. Nd5 f5  43. Nc3 Bh5  44. Nc4+ Ke6 45. f4  Kd7 46. Kc5 h6 47. Nd5  Ke6 48. Nc7+  Black resigns.

Chess is a tough game with lots of hills and valleys where the right and wrong often mingle together.


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