The Amateur Eye

The 79th Tata Steel Masters was won by the American Wesley So who, for the lst time finished ahead of World Champion Magnus Carlsen.  While Wesley So ably took advantage of every chance, Magnus blundered in a winning position against Giri who held on to draw their game in a 100+move marathon.  Whether this slip and horrific long battle to manage a draw aids the field in any way is hard to guess.  But here I give the round by round results by both players for the 14 rounds.

Wesley So   D/D/D/D/D/D/D/W/D/W/W/W/W = 9 POINTS

M Carlsen   D/D/D/W/D/W/D/D/D/W/D/L/W  =  8 POINTS

The field included So, Carlsen, Baskaan, Aronian, Yi, Karjakin, Eljanov, Giri, Harikrishna, Andreikin, Wojtaszek, Nepomniachtchi, Rapport, vanWely.

Every game in a chess tournament affects standings but more; it reflects the tiny variances coming from decision making, reflective time used, and ranking at the moment where a chess result of w/d/l at any stage can turn a win, loss or draw– yielding an upheaval in the standings.


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