The Amateur Eye – A Chess Logic?!

Every essence of chess strategy comes close to a wisdom that chess is like life.  No one knows who invented the game that over hundreds of years saw manly tinkering with the geometric movement, strategy, rules and a collective thoughtful wisdom, much like a guiding hand, discovering our modern era with ever expanding  new ideas.

Chess journalists often tell we amateurs false comments based upon just a game or two in a tournament.  Such was the case of the 1997 Dos Hermanas where Karpov lost to Kramnik causing several to suggest that Karpov’s world championship level had given an impression that he was dead meat–obviously a falling star.  However, Karpov bounced back with this game against Shirov which left a few red faces among the predicts which may never be a prudent or wise use of a typewriter.

White:   GM Anatoly Karpov     Black:  GM Alexei Shirov   Opening:  KID

l. d4  Nf6  2. c4  g6 3. g3  Bg7  4. Bg2  O-O  5. Nc3  d6  6. Nf3  Nc6  7. O-O  a6  8. Re1  Rb8  9. Rb1  b5  10. c:b5 a:b5  11. b4  e6  12. e4  Ne7  13. Nd2  c5!?

This move may have been a homemade idea which appears to be a pawn sacrifice with aim to offset this by getting a Knight planted on d3 with active piece play.

14. b:c5  d:c5  15. d:c5  Nd7  16. N:b5  N:c5  17. Nc4  Nd3  18. Re2  Ba6.

On the surface black forces are dynamic but lets use my square count.  11/11 is equal but it is White’s move and he increase s/c with..

19. a4  N:c1  20. Q:c1  Rc8  21. Rc2  B:b5  22. a:b5  Qd4  23. b6  Rb8 24. Rd2  Qc5  25. Rd7  Bd4 26. Rc7!

A textbook example emerges to illustrate a perfect feature of s/c where the numerically superior army always win if free of blunders.

26. … B:f2+ 27. Kh1  Qh5  28. R:e7  B:g3  29. h3  Rbd8  30. e5  Qh4  31. Rc7 Bf2  32. Qa3  Resigns because mate is in the wind: 32. …g5 33. Qf3 h5  34. Rf1 Bg3  35. R:f7 etc.


Another era saw Monte Carlo, 1903.  During that period the concept and value of 1. d4 lacked excitement.  But the American champion who came to Europe much like Morphy had done gave the whole concept of the Queen Pawn Game new fervor.  Pillsbury’s style was principally to build up a K-side space advantage with White followed by an assault against the enemy monarch.  It was to become his trademark and in his hands it was a most feared weapon.   Many talents came to add their own flavor and ideas.

Perhaps the most famous game was Pillsbury versus Wolf.

l. d4  d5  2. c4  e6  3. Nc3  Nf6 4. Bg5  Nbd7  5. Nf3  Be7  6. e3  O-O 7. Rc1  b6  8. c:d5  e:d5  9. Ne5  Bb7  10. f4 a6  11. Bd3  c5  12. O-O  This is the Pillsbury Attack.

12. … c4  13. Bf5  b5  14. Rf3  Re8  15. Rh3! Already threatening to crash decisively into the black position…(16. N:d7 N:d7 17. B;h7+).

15. …g6  16. Bb1  Keeping the pressure on the long diagonal.

16. … N:e5  17. f:e5 Opening the f-file to further infiltration.

17. … Nd7 B:e7  18. B:e7  R:e7  19. Qf3!  Nf8  20. Rf1  Qd7  21. Qf6  b4?!  The weakness of this has let White get a strong Knight outpost on c5. Often an attack will force mistakes in judgment.

22. Na4! Qc7  23. Nc5  Bc8  24. Rh6  a5  25. Rf4  White recognizes the f4 square as a valuable “jump-off” rotating square. White s/c has multiplied.

25. … Rb8  26. B:g6!!  Rb6  27. Q:b6!  It is one shock after another.

27. … N:g6  28. Qf6  Re8  29. Rf1  Be6 30. Qg5  Kh8  31. Qh5  Nf8  32. N:e6  R:e6  33. R:e6 Black resigns.  Some pretty mates avoided within this sequence.

So long as the brain is wired within humans, great artistic aesthetics can be realized.  The electronic brains of machines I am afraid do not always produce the human touch and can often mute the genius that is the human spirit.–Don.


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