The Amateur Eye – Imprimis

Imprimis is the 3,600.000 Readers’ Monthly.  How to Think About Vladimir Putin is the March edition.  Christopher Caldwell, Senior Editor of the Weekly Standard essays an in-depth look into the Russian leader.  He pulls no punches but gives us a realist’s study of modern Russia and events leading to Putin’s rise to power in a Russian world gone mad from the good, the bad, and the ugly.

America looks at Russia in colored glasses.  Putin is a devil; he is evil.  That is the image made popular among the elite.  He doesn’t adhere to the socialist progressive mentality of the West. He is for many the popular leader of Russia.  He rebuilt the Russian military.  He beat back the Islamist armies in Chechnya and Dagestan, and he took a hard line on terrorism and immorality especially that aimed at Russian youth.  He recognized the long border of Russia and other European nations along it.

In the West, the elite mark him with suspicion; he has had people murdered or at least has done nothing to quell it.  News media has pointed out that several opposing Putin have been attacked and in some cases suspicion exists that he authorized murder of those who oppose him.  But have we any right to argue it?  Look at Chicago–the murder capitol of the USA and maybe the world.  Thousands get murdered every year.

What is in the human heart and psychic?  I know many criticize me I suppose for my Christian heritage and belief in the Bible and the Ten Commandments and love of my Lord.  An old Indian proverb says:  Judge not until you walk a mile in his or her moccasins.  That is wisdom! And you won’t see it as anything but corny within the walls of politicians anywhere, any time.  The constant backlash of hatred I’ve witnessed on the tube makes me wonder just what evil the Satanic powers possess to cloud the minds of reason, humor, joy, and ability to not go off the deep end and believe everything you get exposed to in this world THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY.   An old cowboy once said in a western:  Smile when you “heh” say “thet” stranger.

Peace be with you on this Easter season.  Learn from the Book of James.  God Bless Us All.

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