The Amateur Eye – Let freedom ring

World governing policies are not working.  We should not expect breakthroughs when you see politicians of every stripe prattle endlessly as do the journalistic idiots who waste away hours bellowing on the airways.  What am I saying?  I rarely write anymore about the world scene, devoting myself to chess and brainpower.  It helps in every field.  But politics?? I wonder!

Get off your butts and start writing hard copy not to me about financial support for future election of candidates but to Russia’s Putin through the embassy route.  Millions of letters calling for a reversal of his policies, with copies sent to the United Nation American staff to throw down on desks of every national entity.  Force too, a change in Iran and North Korean governments by setting up free elections and political debate for candidates free of intimidation.

DEMAND – DEMAND – DEMAND that the war drums be muted and adversaries forced to be brought to the table for negotiating.  Those national leaders who are found to be criminals be sought out for prosecution if they ignore it. DEMAND-DEMAND-DEMAND.  Damn it!!!!!!

NATO  should be organized to start war and wipe out the murdering enemies who threaten peaceful everyday life across the world citizenry and restore a peace in the homelands of refugees.

It pisses me off that I keep reading junk about what fear seeps through the so-called political crap of any nation that should be considered as an outlaw.  If this be done, then the refugee problem could be solved in their own countries and peace would abound in time.  And President Trump could start to fix flaws so we can rebuild and modernize our national landscape of cities, roads, rivers, dams, preserve wildlife, schools and restore the rights of citizens guaranteed in the Constitution.


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