Don’s World of Classic Humor

Blondie:  Dagwood enters the den where the kids are downloading.  Dagwood who just entered remarks, Whoa…Justin Bieber is still around?  Of course Daddy! He’s got a bunch songs out.  Then I stand corrected….I thought he was a flash in the pan.  You are right about him being old now…Yeah, he is in his early twenties.

Hagar:   You need to take these medications every day for the rest of your life. Should I worry about side effects, doc?  Only if bankruptcy worries you.

Dilbert:   I hear you have some vacation days coming. Planning anything special?  I plan to catch up on all my work I could not complete because people kept interrupting me.  That is too bad.  I suppose one would call it a sad vacation experience. Yeah, I guess I am craving to start it right now.

Beetle Bailey:   The general’s secretary opens a box that contains her order of health and beauty supplies.  Wow!  They sure gave me a lot of free samples with my shampoo order! She takes out all the items and sets them on her desk.  Hey…they forgot the shampoo.

The Family Circle:  Ooooh!  Mommy, you look great and so very grown up!  Mommy is affixing her ear rings and decked out in a black evening gown.

Ziggy:  I am sorry to say, Mr. Ziggy…but it seems that cartoonist forgot to draw you a lifeline.


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