Don’s Comic Soul Thoughts

You have something unique to add to all this liberal folly.  If not winning in the early stages of the game, don’t lose heart.  Just remember your King needs space where his goal and energy can be displayed.  This makes him a winner but you have to keep him out of being checkmated.  Evil abounds.  A healthy spirit brings rewards.

He who is really wise can never be confused. He who is really brave is never afraid.

The saying, “business is business” to me is a sour note.  Business is a work in hand that ultimately is to help people overcome the bad and ugly moments with hope of a good future.  Because everything you do ultimately is meant to help others that personally matter to them and enriches self.  So in my “book”  all who work and create will find that it is not just business.  To reap rewards from achievement is a personal blessing.


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