Don’s Comic Coffee Time Joy

Stick too close to traditional journalism and the result will have less life and zingy unpredictability for your inspired whims of the day.  Try to avoid offending sensitive idiots less you get arguments and bias accusations.  Criticizing vibes is not good.  Still, that is okay in view that the subject addressed had it coming.

Beetle Bailey:  Beetle found by the post chaplain in battered condition needing sick bay.  How did it happen, Sarge?  He wouldn’t follow orders, chaplain.  And I was just being Sarge.

Pickles:  How is your neck?  Still a little sore. Well, I am glad the fire department was able to get your head and the cat out of the mailbox.  Oh, it was so embarrassing with the crowd having gathered let alone the whole experience.  I want to forget.  Then you don’t want to watch the 6 o’clock  news…You’re the lead story tonight.



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