Don’s Classic Story Book of Life

Before the pressures of the day mount, go be alone with the Lord in prayer.  Take time to ponder, to breathe, get centered,  calmness rules.  Love is not always stimulating magic but almost always simulating to your thoughts of others, to God, to life.  Find value in trust where every day you come out ahead over the long haul.

Blondie:  Dagwood at the office and on the phone with Blondie.  It’s a date, honey!  I’ll see you at the restaurant at 6:30. You got it sweetheart!  6:30 it is, right on the button dear.  Yep, 6:30 right on the dot.  Hanging up the phone, Dagwood thinks:  She’ll be there at 7:00 more or less.

Pickles:  My friend’s head is stuck in the mailbox and so is her cat. A call to the emergency fire department brings a quick response.  Can you help her?  Oh, I think so.  Why are you taking a picture for?  Documentation. The department gives an award every month for the most ridiculous rescue.

Hagar:  The wet blanket story seen again and again in Hagar’s daughter’s love life.  Excuse me young man…do you know any traveler’s songs?  Sure!  Then, so you wouldn’t mind playing somewhere else?  Papa, why don’t you go to bed.  His music will make you sleep sound..(.I hope).

Beetle Bailey:   Beetle asks the company clerk  for a pass to  town.  I don’t see why not with that gorgeous girl secretary of the general.  As private Bailey passes Sgt. busy with his paperwork, tells Beetle, “Next time you go over my head,  go behind my back.”

Garfield:  Our two love birds ponder the beauty of stars in the black of night.  Jon says that it looks like the stars go on forever.  They do go on and far beyond our comprehension.  Whoa!  So there could be brain sucking lobster beings out there? ( He blew it!)  She ups and prepares to depart his company.  Time to go.

The Breakup:  Meet me at Barney’s hon.  I got to see you bad.  I just found out something.  I really don’t know how to break it to you.  I am going to be a father.  Oh!  No kidding?!  Well, that is wonderful.  It is.  But not for you and me.  It changes everything.  You can see that, can’t you?  I mean, look…I can’t think only of myself but got family responsibilities in the near future.  She sobs, gets up and shaking her head runs out to the entrance.  Meanie. She deserves better.  Sobbing ended, she spots her priest.  Father, I was going to tell him that I couldn’t marry him.  What a relief!  So, two souls go their separate ways.

Ziggy:  Sign on the window: CHEF’S SURPRISE $6.95.  Hi, Ziggy, You want to try this tonight?  All I can say is that it is so surprising that half the time I don’t even know what’s in it.

The Family Circle:  Junior circles the wagons  having prepared to show Dad and Mom his report card.  You got a D in math after all the work I put in to help you with your homework?  Yep.  But don’t you think the D result belongs to both of us. That is why I told Mom on coming home from school that “We got a D.”




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