Don’s Comic Parade

If you were to summon all of your creative power, you will love the work ethic you shoulder.

Blondie:  A knock at the door brings Dagwood who finds Elmo who asks Mr. B if Dag can help him with school assignment.  Sure, Elmo, what is it?  I have to interview someone who has a really cool job.  Well, I’m flattered, Elmo and…Is Mrs. B at home or is she at her catering shop, Mr. B?  Ugh is Dag’s facial expression.  No…she is here. Elmo, c’mon in.

Pickles:  RING! RING!  Gramps answers the phone with his usual, “Go ahead, please. You’re on the air.  There is a click on the other end. I get rid of a lot phone calls that way!!

Hagar:  Grab your weapons, men!! We are going to raid NORWAY!  Long line of negative thoughts follow…No Way! Forget it!  Too dangerous!  The place is full of VICIOUS VIKING WARRIORS!!

Dilbert:  Our new politeness policy is having unintended consequences.  I just spent the whole morning listening to Tina talk about her health problems.  The company says it is rude to just walk away.  How did you escape?  I got lucky.  She had a health problem.

Beetle Bailey:  Hey! This cover is loose.  You got into my nuts again!  Otto thinks…I don’t even like nuts!  I am so sorry, Otto. All the nuts are still in the can.  Otto thinks…All I did was to lick the salt off!!

Dreams:  I need your advice.  About what?  Well, last night she invited me over and asked me to go on a weekend with her. She wants to have an affairWow!  You saved my life.  I was stoned last night and when I woke up on the bed in my room, I was worried because I couldn’t remember anything about last night after those drinks at Barney’s.

A Dog’s Life:  Fred, I just want to sit in my lounge chair for a short snooze. Fred thinks… That was a long 50 winks ago. Woof, woof!  Time for our trot around the park.

The Family Circus:  Why does the rain always show up when I have an outside play date she tells her little brother.

The Nightly News:   Shut off the set. Tonight his topic… nothing but doom and gloom news.


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