The Amateur Eye– Food to Digest

I once said of Barack H. Obama that he was a modern day Pied Piper leading the young people astray.  Really, I thought after all these years in Washington, D.C. he would like all presidents before him leave office and pray or hope that turning the reins over to his successor to be smooth and reflect the long standing history of our democratic republic.

Unfortunately, I am not going to wonder anymore.  I, however, confess that I find the identity I long ago labeled should now be “The Pied Viper” because he represents everything sneaky and slippery like a SNAKE.

He and his wife Michele had one chore left in the WH and  greeted the new president, Donald J. Trump and his wife adhering to the long tradition of political transfer in leadership with smiles on their faces.  Oh yes, it was proper and all the smiles and fanfare were warm and personable befitting the transfer of power.  Donald Trump even mentioned how warm and personable was the meeting among the four of them even though there was bitterness in the ranks and files of those greedy s-o-b Washington, D.C. lifers who for years has despised any thought of change–the change that the new president had promised to “drain the swamp” of waste and corruption. Never before had any politician ever suggested such a bold venture.  But Trump was no politician, just a businessman and honest to a fault of “trust in his fellow man”.

The sick media backed every effort since to destroy the Trump presidency.  Of course you hear how the media was supposedly just doing their usual job of reporting the news??!  Really now?  Folks!  I heard the news;  I read the news;  I followed the chatter among all of the media outlets.  My simple man’s conclusion was that Donald J. Trump was being shafted by politically motivated democrats, republicans and reporters bent on stopping his ever succeeding in office.  I pray he will buffalo them just as he did during the campaign!  But he needs to keep his eye on the ball like I keep my amateur eye on my website.  I have a strong ethical work and moral fiber in life’s walk down what seems to sometimes be rather dark and shadowy paths.



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