Don’s Comic Chatterbox

Blondie:  A Dithers’ Motivation Success Seminar leader addresses the group which included the boss at the table.  “The 21st century manager needs to treat his employees with kindness and respect.  And never belittle them by calling them shiftless, lazy, no good bumbling bobbleheads!!  Arriving home, Blondie meets Dagwood as he hangs up his coat with “So, how did the motivational speaker do today?  “Not so good.!  Dithers threw him out on he ear!”

Pickles:  Nelson, don’t leave the refrigerator door open.  I’m playing a game Grampa taught me.    Game? What kind of game?  It’s called “Is this edible.”

Hagar:   I heard news that the new king has no sense of humor. The court jester responded, Not true! He laughed his head off when I fell on the palace floor.

Shoe:   You need to get in touch with your feminine side.  I tried that once but it made me worry constantly about the size of my butt.

The Family Circus:  Both kids find themselves suddenly experiencing a high wind. “I guess this means that March is gonna go out like a lamb.”


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