The Amateur Eye – World Blitz

Who was the greatest blitz player?  Both Tal and Fischer are dead.  Petrosian  “the tiger” held that spot in the minds of many.  So going back into history, I will relate only what is perhaps the greatest blitz championship ever held–St. Johns, a double 12-round event which resulted in a remarkable triumph for Robert J. Fischer who scored an amazing 19 points.  The field:  Tal 14.5/ Korchnoi 14/ Petrosian 13.5/ Bronstein 13/ Hort 12/ Matulovich 10.5/ Smyslov 9.5/ Reshevsky 8.5/ Uhlmann 8/ Ivkov 7.5/ Ostojic 2.

Fischer lost only one game, to Viktor Korchnoi but axed the second game with this splendid win with the black pieces.

White:  Korchnoi   Black:  Fischer    King’s  Indian Defense  31 moves.

l. d4  Nf6  2. c4  g6  3. Nc3  Bg7  Fischer cut his teeth on both the KIA and KID. White goes after a solid central structure.

4. e4  d6  5. Be2  O-O  6. Nf3   e5  7. O-O  Nc6  8. d5  Ne7  9. Nd2  c5  10. a3  Ne8  11. b4  b6  12. Rb1 f5  13. f3  f4  14. a4 g5  15. a5  Rf6  16. b:c5?  b:c5  17. Nb3  Rg6  18. Bd2  Nf6  19. Kh1  g4

Fischer launches a typical assault on the King-side.

20. f:g4  N:g4  21. Rf3  Rh6  22. h3  Ng6  23. Kg1  Nf6 24. Be1  Nh8!! Checking the square count, we can see that black square count is gaining force over the position. But for the novice, it might be asked why does Fischer retreat one of the active Knights that add to that square count?  The answer is similar to the earlier Fischer analysis seen in efficiency.  He is going to retreat the Knight two squares so with repositioning it, it will actually grow square count from it new perch and with greater impact on the position at the same time. This plan which shows jump moves (as I had described in other articles) where a short range plan is almost or is unstoppable.

25. Rd3  Nf7  26. Bf3  Ng5  Note that the Knight grows ever closer to the king-side white forces and made available another square for the Rook.

27. Qe2  Rg6!  28. Kf1  N:h3  29. g:h3  B:h3+ 30. Kf2  Ng4+ 31. B:g4  B:g4  White resigns.


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