The Amateur Eye -The Endgame Effect

Perhaps the greatest effect of chess both in terms of the public as well as advancement of the public game was Jose Cuchi’s 1989 New York Open.  It was a fairyland type wonderland as if it came out of a Walt Disney classic.  It attracted the best from 29 countries and gave Americans a chance to meet the three Polgar sisters–Susan, Sophia, and Judith.  These gold medalists at the 1988 Thessaloniki Olympiad had ended Soviet domination of women’s chess.  Sophia turned in a 2930 performance rating by scoring 81/2-1/2 in a strong Rome, Italy tournament prior to this event.  The news media had a field day.

GM William Lombardy viewed the international chart to witness at the event end that 40th placed American GM John Fedorowicz picked up the $18,000 cash prize for first place. The international section boasted 47 GMs, 24 IMs including 6 FMs, 1 WGM, 2 WIMs, and 10 NMs.  The lower groups had many titled players.

In an interview, the champion noted that he had won 3 previous World Open events but less so lately.  To make good results you have to focus and concentrate on chess, need a few distractions especially at night, read the newspapers in the morning, everything non chess just to clear my mind.  Something worked because I played the best chess of my life.

Garry Kasparov, then World Chess Champion, was involved in a fighting drug campaign.  He was active in Russian politics and eventually ran against Putin for the presidency of Russia but lost.  How might the world today been different?!!  I seem to feel a similar leadership quality where enthusiasm and purpose bind a Kasparov-Trump emotional state of mind.  Each want to improve the government of his country and relationship between the USA and Russia despite the long term resentment within the political establishment of both.

In the final analysis of any problem existing between Russia and the USA is the knowledge that both are suspect of each other under Putin’s current rule of Russia.  It won’t change because Putin comes out of a KGB totalitarian regime and communist philosophy whereas Trump is strictly tied to business ventures and philosophy.  The two simply do not mix well. I doubt Putin will ever be different.  In Trump’s case, he lives in freedom where the learning process in not hampered by dogma.  And by all standards he grasps fully the ideals that make America GREAT–family, friends, work ethic.


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