The Amateur Eye – Russian Influence

Donald J. Trump suggests that where the USA together with or without allies might find common ground for cooperation seems a thoughtful approach to world problems.  Iran, of course is the arch enemy of mankind as ruled by a set of warmongers wherein the blunder of the previous administration so factually illustrates.  And Russia takes a stance of seeing weakness in the West, so much so that it finds self indulgence to try and rebuild something of what it was forced to abandon to so-called freedoms.  Yet, as I pointed out, these nations turned to a form of socialism which based it whole being on setting up a world-wide cooperative in every manner coming from a history of honoring “isms”.

Is there a record of cooperative adventures between the former USSR, now Russia and the USA?  For the politicos which include government agencies which had dealt with the former Soviet Union during the cold war, little has changed.  But there has been a binding together in one area–Chess.  Two angles of this story exist.

An article written in 1989 Julie Anne Desch (updated by Kindred) relates the experience at the time and what one immigrant American saw as his own prospects in life.  Dimitri S. London writes: “Chess is an important part of my life…at one time wanting to become a professional while growing up in the Soviet Union.  Now, I just want to play good chess and enjoy it. Since coming to America, I play for fun and trained in computer programming.

Computer programming is almost like chess, only I get a paycheck win or lose. You need logic in my field and also in chess.  I think people should have as many interests as possible.

The interview went on to cover many subjects but what emerged was the lack of real interest for youth chess at the time in America.  Bringing things up to date, the USCF has along with numerous clubs which developed chess instructors sort of in copying the chess programs and literature from Russian influence is not wholly in the education system of student learning in the public school systems.  It has spread widely among those schools who see the advantages of chess instruction and play in academia.  This story has been repeated many times in various parts of the country wherein our national Olympic team won top honors for the first time in many, many years.  And much credit can be given to former Soviet emigrants who settled in America and other European and Asian nations.

This is one manner of cooperation seen since the Soviet Union was broken up and Russia remains as the sole potential enemy of the West which Putin appears to have tried to reinvent the past.  My point is, the Russian people are no longer duped into believing the propaganda spewed by the Communists.  Putin’s success depends upon his government causing a breach in our belief system and it has certainly eroded the Democrat Party, which as I pointed out makes its membership appear more insane since losing the election.  He loves it that our freedoms are being undermined by a news media that is more beholden to the reliance on “isms” in our nation and throughout the world body. When I witness Senator McCain viciously attack of media bias by President Trump reflects Putin’s cunningness in driving a wedge in our body politic.  And our so-called leaders in various walks, too many of whom voice a temperament for an agnostic if not atheist view of a value system foreign to our Christian-Jewish heritage.  That is the danger that Putin and like dictators thrive to bring upheaval on the world.


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