The Amateur Eye – On Walls/Ins Vs. Outs

I have to almost laugh at the democrat talking points I get on the news almost every time the talk of building a wall is brought up.  The democrats and their allies in the news media have begun to compare the wall Donald Trump talks about to secure our southern border with Mexico and the wall that the Russians built to separate East and West Germany with the objective of preventing anyone crossing the border: that act was to prevent anyone leaving the communist sector.  It  was a bone in the throat of the communists to witness people fleeing through East Germany into West Germany and “freedom”.  It also was the tragic shootings of anyone attempting to cross the heavy barbed wire territory located on the east side of the wall.

My wife and I were in Germany when the wall came down and I managed to secure a bit of history.  At the time, the Russians still controlled East Germany but it was fast becoming clear that the Russians were packing up to leave on a train scheduled for Moscow.  We saw families boarding the only train to that destination and the sad faces of those people gave both of us a recognition that those Russians would have preferred to remain in Germany.

The news media talks about politics and the ‘left-wing’ democrats with so much praise. Students who know little about history seem to be wholly indoctrinated into that poison. But some good Russian emigrants I know have confided to me that America should never be conned into believing the communist-socialist systems work. Europe was roped into it’s propaganda which led to a type of open borders which led into the problems most of those nations today face.

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