The Amateur Eye — Golf links & Chess

I was watching a golf tournament on TV and it dawned on me just how much the game is like chess.  Now I could write a 2000 word essay on it but I shall simply look at just a point or two for you, my reader, that looks at tournament play.  In each case, there is one winner: one in chess and one in golf.  In both cases, the field may have great talents but there is only one winner to emerge victorious at the top of the heap of also-rans. Why?

Emotion plays a great part.  But it is a mental preparation approach to both games where I find a pattern that defines the art of both.  We might ask, “What differentiates those who consistently win?”  A golfer winces when the shot goes in the drink or winds up in a grove of trees.  Chess players feel this when a move just played brings on the realization that it was not so good.  In both cases, the exasperation brings about a feeling of kicking oneself in the pants with the ire that it cannot be taken back.  In chess it can be the luck of the draw in pairing or in golf it could be the time of day to start play, both of which are out of the players’ hands.

What attracts the mighty and the novice:  both enjoy the opportunity to test their mettle against the field.  In the end, isn’t that the ultimate high everyone experiences in playing these games of skill.

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