Teen Talk On President’s Day

What is on the minds of our junior and senior teens these days suggests teachers have a lot to do with formulating maturing thought processes when debating issues.

“Try your best not to judge someone. A lot of factors go into someone’s position, who someone is and why they have that stance.”

“You must understand point of view in order to have a better understanding of the culture or the problems that affect other people. You need to hear them, not just yell at each other but actually listen to what they need to express, even if you disagree with it.”

“People are afraid to be wrong.  I want people to understand that it’s okay to not know everything. I feel like in this society we’re raised to always have to know.  Life is not like that. It is important to open our minds to new information. that is what life is about.”

“The only way to truly persuade somebody is to remain calm and listen to their point of view and counter it in a civil way.  When you become too loud or too argumentative, it doesn’t do anything to help your case.”

“We can change it by leading by example. If we have one person who is willing to take the time and show how a conversation should be held, then more people will follow suit.  No one wants to be the left out person who doesn’t know how to have a conversation.”

What the comics say:

Blondie:  Elmo is visiting Dagwood who stretched out on his favorite chair. Elmo says, It is probably just as well that Abraham Lincoln lived in the times he did.  Whadaya mean, Elmo?  Well, his Gettysburg address wouldn’t have been as effective if he had sent it out as a mass e-mail. Have you ever wondered about that, Mr. B?  Not often, Elmo.

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