I Am Right On Time For Debate

But frankly speaking, who listens to researched analysis of today’s topic:  IMMIGRATION! It goes hand-in-hand with my article on FEAR.  Every school kid learned about our Nation being the melting pot; the Statue of Liberty given us as a present by the French in fact finds the face, not pointed out to sea but rather toward the Island.

It is an American history defunct with misrepresentations firmly embraced in the ill-logic of ignorance to our history.  Immigration is two-faced to put it plain.  That is our historic record.  Take the Irish, the Germans, the Italians, the Chinese, the Poles, the Russian Jews, Africans, –the world body congregation of time, space, purpose.  Yes, we are a “melting pot”– the wisest two-word definition ever created for a Nation.

Through it all, immigrants have been admitted to join our family as United States citizens. It has always been expected, although not always given where green cards were issued to workers demonstrating a desire to stay and to fill the needs for skilled workers from other lands and did not want to break ties with their own mother country for personal reasons.

There have been branded on folks many catchy names:  Dago, Huns, Niggers,  Whiteys, Chinks–fear and bigotry were intermixed.  Then in 1917, a law was passed by Congress requiring literary testing for immigrants to learn English.  The play by a Brit, Israel Zangwell, The Melting Pot…”The Glory of all races and nations to labour and look forward.” was the theme. Despite the ups and downs, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune through a relatively short history,  America remains for freedom loving people a lasting place to call HOME.

Survival was not easy.  Lawlessness prevailed with gangsters making inroads with the laxity of laws.  New names like bootleggers and speak-easies bred vices and corruption.  Professional bands were common with dances popular. It was the era of bathtub booze, of radical changes in both male and female dress codes. Finally, the FBI was given a green light to launch a period to fight criminals with equal or greater fire power.  Many crime families were rooted out and exiled back to their homelands largely due to the efforts of the IRS for tax evasion.

Fear had swept the country in growing up.  Fear saw many suspicious of Catholic ties to the Pope in Rome.  In the 1920s, it was the Red scare of the Russian revolution. The 1930s era of World War II saw fear rise its ugly head over German immigrants and communists coming out of the socialist movement and Jewish population.  Spies were not a fear but a reality.

Young people today understand artificially the movements over time, possess little care or understanding of what makes America different from any other country which speaks ill of our education system standards.  They are led to follow various “isms” and their belief that their personal actions of following the herd is somehow the American way and superior to older times.  Yet, these “isms” have been a cancer in our security as a free nation.  We have freedoms which are jealously guarded but far too often fall prey to jealous enemies who now, because of high tech, daily probe for weakness that can compromise national defense and integrity  with friendly nations.

We have somehow managed to survive the many pitfalls that sin coming from real or exaggerated fear plagued our people.  Americans are a melting pot.  We have learned that cross breeding is strong and good for character, achievement, and mostly beneficial.  Such views of old norms are slowly being changed.  Our acceptance of the unknown, while wary of newness, has lost much of the fears presented in previous times.  Our memorials, many in our nation’s Capitol ever remind those visiting of America’s compassion and thanks in preserving our freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

We emerged from Benjamin Franklin’s feverish fears of the influx by Germans in 1798 which brought about the Alien and Sedition Acts making it harder to attain citizenship and easier to deport so called undesirables.  The 1868 America welcomed the Chinese many who settled in the west and was instrumental in building our railroads and building a base of small business labor.  Later on, they were not so welcome.  Was it national sentiment or the results of ignorance and spiteful hatred toward others with whom they refused to accept or to understand?

Our fears today are based upon the influx of refugee Muslims.  In Europe they band together in conclaves wanting little or nothing to do with the country they immigrated to.  America demands that immigrants swear allegiance to our Constitution and obey laws of the United States. Some Muslims openly demand their principles over American beliefs.  In this, President Trump says that immigrants have to love America by which he means to accept as all others have done to adopt the American ideals upon which we are founded and all coming here have wholly embraced.


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