Comic Class Act on Stage

Aries:  You’re not here to show anyone you’re better; you’re here to be better. The impression you make matters a lot less to you than the work you’re committed to.

Blondie:  Dag says: I’m confused and conflicted about this new reality show. Honey, you cannot stand them! But this one combines two of my favorite themes.  What is it called?  Napping with the chefs!  Oh, my!  Sounds like they created it just for you.

Pickles:  Earl, I talked to my sister Pearl about being nicer to you.  Maybe you could try being friendlier to her, too.  What do you mean?  I’m always pleasant and friendly to Pearl.   How come you told her last week to talk with her doctor about getting a personality transplant? Oh, come off it; I was just being funny by offering a friendly suggestion. Give me a break!

Shoe:  Roz, I need something to release all this tension I have, and you can only offer a remedy to buy a wider and bigger belt?

For Better Or For Worse:   The power is out because wires are down and God knows for how long!  We’ll have to sleep in the living room together so everyone get some blankets and pillows. We’ll have to nap where we can on the floor carpet.  And don’t complain.  Look at it as a great adventure.  Just pretend its the olden days.  We’re in a Scottish cold stone shanty on a hillside with howling winds outside.  Just huddle together to keep warm as we hear icy winds whistling across the moor.  Hark!!  I hear Scottish bagpipes coming near.  That was my stomach–LIE DOWN!

Marmaduke:  Teeth marks on our baseball bat handle has given you away.

Ziggy:  I am going to think more about my future cartoon layouts.  After all, that is where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.

The Cheerful End:   That’s all, gang!  Adios!!


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