The Amateur Eye – As Kindred Sees It

I direct my readers to review my article extensively covering the final years of Howard Staunton, either portrayed as the darling of British chess or a fraud.  How like it is today with the ugly politics of a society within the Democrat Party where the media then and now create false stories and boastful tirades of accusations which any close examination proves fake.  Such stories once spread, become like a boa constrictor that squeezes the life out of a truthful story exhibited to be whatever the writer or whole news media portrays it to be. SAD.  SAD.  SAD.  It invades a whole generation of youth whose need for a good education is hampered by fake reports and stories geared to dumb down the learning process.

Such was the history of the debate and bitterness seen by writers who failed to recognize good from evil.  Reporters and historians failed then and now that the printed word needs to be truth-telling, not arbitrary and spiteful lies, half-truths and fact twisting to give credence to a viewpoint of the author.

History is full of heroes and shysters. They have always existed.  It takes good journalism to know the difference that may well encompass a vast set of what we call norms.  Should we condemn some thought and program simply because it does not fit the norm as we understand it?  Sometimes i think having depended upon modern technology so much that we lose sight of originality of thought and values.  By that I mean a computer will perform only to the extent of its written program unless built in freedom to draw out a theory.  Hopefully it won’t explode and crash.

Reading my critique on Howard Stauton may find agreement, confusion, a different perspective on his life and that of young Paul Morphy which was so well documented in the novel THE CHESS PLAYERS.

A presidential election is held every four years.  It behooves us, all American citizens, to cherish our transfer of leadership and respect the election results.  The whole object of the founders of creating the electoral college was to avoid the most heavily populated states where power might forever be controlled by the same political party forever.  It was made the law to elect the President through the electoral process to even the rights of all citizens regardless of population.  We should all recognize the genius of this concept our forefathers constructed which has served our Nation well.  Anything else could easily stir sectional hatreds and lead to war.  Just look at the Civil War!  How long would people put up with tyranny? The alternative to base it upon population totals alone smacks almost of a dictatorial empire which I am sure no one really truly would want except the Democrat Party.

Lets cut out the lying crap seen on some TV commentary.  Our citizens deserve better. God bless us everyone!!  Thank you Tiny Tim.  This simple reminder puts many to shame.


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