Don’s Comic Review -Real or Fake

Blondie:  Dag is in his easy chair when Blondie enters. Dag tells her “That was one marathon phone call honey!  Yes, dear. Marcia is quite the talker.  She speaks so fast, a lot like that Megan Kelly on Fox News. It is nearly impossible for me to keep up. Dag says, That can be quite annoying I guess. Blondie leaves Dag with a perplexed expression when she finishes with, I suppose it might be if I actually tried to keep up.

Pickles:  What’s that noise?  That noise I hear every time I say I’m going to try to help you and be more helpful around the house. There it goes again. It must be you rolling your eyes isn’t it!  You are skeptical that my words are fake.

Hagar:  Men!  I am taking the lion’s share of the booty we got off that captured ship. I wanted you all to understand that my job is harder.  How so?  I have to keep Helga happy!

Dilbert:  The Department of Education asked that we talk to you about all the tweeting that goes on and bad mouthing our new President.  You give out so much fake news that the average IQ  I’m told is lower nationwide by 7 points.  That really doesn’t hurt anyone really.  However, it seems that tweeting about seat belts found to be faulty are strangling passengers as well as the driver so they won’t sue is being considered fake news.

Doonesbury:  High school student is called to the principal’s office.  You wanted to see me Mr. Whitman?  Yes.  We are proud of your being named as a national merit scholar.  It reflects highly on our school system. It demonstrates that the failure of so many kids to learn here isn’t just the school’s fault and suggests that any such failure here is just fake news. It reaffirms my belief that success comes from discipline and personal motivation. Yes sir.  But I am not sure if everyone in the community sees it that way.  Neighbors at the same time are talking to her parents. She’s throwing off the curve for the whole school!  Couldn’t you get her to watch more TV?

Beetle Bailey:  My piggy bank is full!  I’m rich!!  Running over to the store that has a coin counter, he is surprised to see the total only being $4.36 cents.  Is that all?!  Well, soldier, you only saved pennies.


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