Military Injustice to Appease Afghan Officials

Mrs. Renee Myers, mother of Sgt. Derrick Miller of the Maryland National Guard, like many others I receive for help to alert my readers concerning the imprisonment of her son for slaying an Afghani.

This is not a isolated case but too often seen in military deployments overseas. Our military caves in to political pressure from the very governments our troops were sent to protect and aid.

Unfortunately she spent with family over $50,000 in civilian lawyer fees for a defense.  Actually, the military justice system is supposed to have military lawyers to defend the accused but far too often such witnesses located change their minds. The children want their dad home, and his role as a leader reestablished.

I am not going to include her letter but say that sometime after the incident the base was attacked but because of Sgt. Miller’s alert action, his unit was able to defend against an attack on three sides and not one American soldier was slain.

Maybe President Trump, the Congress, and our top military officials in the Defense Department need to be so informed about what has gone on for far too long.

I shall keep up on events for you.  Major Bill Donahue (USMC-RET) is handling her case DAM-8609  P.O. Box 96565 , Washington, D.C. 20090-6565 through United American Patriots.





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