The Amateur Eye-Vladimir Putin

Well, world-wide communism is alive and well.  The American dream that communism was dead as wielded by the dictatorship under Lenin, Stalin, and company when and where it had invaded countries like the United States, Cuba, Canada,  most of Europe and Asia.  These governments were lured with such fantasies and experiments with liberalized agendas that found islands among the elite that had fallen into the clutches of soviet propaganda.

Today I witness a diabolical scheme using the liberal socialists by Vladimir Putin whose cunning chess moves using the breakdown of a segment of Americans who follow the modern theme of secularism, atheism, in both their private and public lives.  I earlier equated secularism and atheism and maybe other isms as having corrupted the moral fiber of knowing right from wrong; of committing horrible crimes like murder, rape, vandalism, and family structure breakdown.  In short, this segment of society in any country leads to a form of insanity where the mind evolves in thought processing that can be likened to the denial of the Ten Commandments, and utter farce of what a country decrees as beneficial to the population.

This week in the news suggests to me anyway that Vladimir Putin pulled a coupe in finally creating a Russian wall, not in East Germany of old, but nonetheless one of modern and what can be called a mental wall between the democrat party and republican party.  The Russians have a natural partner in the liberalized socialist democrat party which it has cunningly infiltrated ever since the 1940s. The sad thing is that most democrats don’t even realize what the hell has taken place in the current election.

So far, 40 democrats have been fooled into believing Donald Trump had somehow got the Russians to “cook the books” so-to-speak in helping to win the election which is plain hogwash.  The simple truth is that the democrats ran a lousy campaign and had a poor candidate for president.  Many say she had the wisdom and experience to beat Trump and pointed to her achievements.  The American people said: What achievements??  It was a series of mistakes and misjudgments shared with President Obama.  Together, their reign of several years of blunders caused the American people, many who had not voted but perhaps selectively through the years, turned out in droves to cast their ballots in the key states that most effected the electoral college thanks to the wisdom of Republican leaders and Donald Trump.  The democrats were living in dreamland believing that they had the election in the bag.  They outraised the Republicans after all.  And they had the majority of the press and news media in their pockets (actually for years).

I spoke with farmers, business people, parents.  The fact that Obamacare was forced upon the American people with the words of Pelosi:  Vote and then we’ll find out what is in the plan. That was all okay with democrats but not republicans, nor the American people who were soon to be ripped off as well as doctors, VA and others associated with medicine.

Evidence certainly proves the Russians were in the hacking business as were just about every major country in the world, even the United States.  But intelligence said that the Russians had nothing to do with the outcome of the election.

But here is the rub, my friends, our illustrious news aimed not at Hillary or the democrat party but rather at Donald Trump through  association with communists within our government long known since the 1940s which ran under the banner of people like Alinsky and liberal socialist leaning elected candidates whose years slowly weaved a pattern  to include beloved liberal policies and laws that weaved its way into our Supreme Court, thanks again to the liberal democrat party.

One final word.  Journalists and reporters of all stripes, love to have the ear of the elite Washington establishment.  Donald Trump came along and made use of modern technology to reach the voters.  He fooled the so-called elite of the Washington establishment to reach millions of voters.  It was they who elected D. J. Trump. Not the Russian hackers nor Vladimir Putin.

In the final analysis, one must wonder just what Vladimir Putin’s real involvement and concern was in our election.  Maybe he managed to use American stupidity in an attempt to undermine whomever won.



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