The Amateur Eye- The Endgame

I have written using the term “endgame” both in chess and politics which brings to mind current events which I sort of swore to stay away from.  The news media in every form has saturated the airways and print with so much propaganda that I felt obliged to finally put a word in on the whole mess for my readers, and by this lay to rest the farce that such a barrage of worded garbage is put out with the trash.

Just where do I stand on the issues?  First, in Christmas and New Years parties attended I kept silent.  Why disturb the mental anguish on either side?  The news media is sick with ignorance of most of what goes on because it is collective garbage where intelligence is given sway to blind liberal-socialist obedience and failure of news reporting free of bias on either side of the debates.

Everyday I scan the news and get little info aside from accurate reporting on murders, ISIS, the Democratic Party hacks who damage one of our two main political parties, not to entirely set aside The Conservative Party of New York, the Greens, and modern socialist groups originating with the Communist Party of the USA.  All the garbage from these groups together make up the bulk of what politicos seems to thrive in oral or print media.

Let me bring some commonsense to this:

  1. Russia is a powerful nation having differing views within parties with total socialist-communist dictatorial rule.  Those who emigrated successfully have stated that we Americans should never even think of adopting the communist philosophy that seems to forever creep into our political thought especially in the past decade.  Like most foreign countries it is made up of groups.  The middle I might call the belly has a large Muslim faction, a secular faction, a Christian faction.  In this regard the very long existence within the government to discourage or at least control such factions supersedes rational behavior as we Americans who profess freedom of mind and thought as a free society adhere to.
  2. Most countries share a socialist view for their people and governing laws.  Thus, the United Nations follow in this path.  It does not live up to its ideals, filled with the garbage of all nations combined.  It lives on collective appeasement.  Enough said.
  3. The USA is not pure.  It’s diversity of people give it strength.  It was called the melting pot made up of peoples from many areas and life experiences.  It has both achieved its goals through freedom and suffered government success and failure all at the same time.  Fiscal wisdom has not always prevailed within our governmental policies or guidance.  The breakdown of our modern democratic ideals for political correctness and a drift or undermining of our educational structure fostered by politics and substandard living values created the youthful achiever and non achiever as a common and ignored problem for decades.

The globalists have had their say.  But like all government studies and especially on the international level, it has proved a mixed bag of failure intertwined with success with a hope for better times.  For all the hoopla given government studies, maybe our future will be one of a growing secular view of beliefs where the reliance on God’s blessings will diminish our physical and mental well being.  For without this, people can and may suffer from insane thoughts and actions.

Our commentators are experts at what?  There is no argument about nations spying or using the internet since its inception with the intent to hack.  Individuals, companies, states and nations have made use of hacking.  It has caused havoc in numerous ways for individuals as with business and nations.  Those in the USA who fight this and work tirelessly to combat ever new ideas from invading our security defenses, achieve their successes in secret activity, not broadcast for the general public to view that occurs too often over our desire to give our public the latest news where secrets are often lifted by smart spies who know what to look for and at.

Was the Republicans hacked?  They had safeguards to prevent hackers easy access.  The Democrat Party staff including Hillary Clinton on down the chain, treated hacking as a joke and plain ignorance of the problem.  Her conduct of using e-mail, known  for hacking potential shows that none of them were concerned about it or even had knowledge of such consequence.  Their loose talk and gossip when shown to the American public certainly did give rise to distrust of the social idiots.  It was her years as NY senator and Secretary of State with so many blunders and lack of precautions taken by both England and France to avoid having their embassies attacked and lying showed Hillary’s lack of judgment.  Period. That is why Hillary lost the election.  People aren’t stupid and why our electoral system for selection a President is better than a  popular vote alone.  When one just looks at the D&C blanket vote in the primary for Clinton, virtually assuring her the nomination over other candidates in the Democrat/Socialist left-wing run proved the crookedness of their whole process.

Donald J. Trump is a good husband, father, and a first family to be proud by all Americans. He is a businessman with holdings round the world which makes his even holding office a financial nightmare. Most politicians have no real jobs or business venture or of  international status requiring personal hardship to unravel in meeting governing rules.




One Response to “The Amateur Eye- The Endgame”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Russians respect quality and power. The rulers and public believe that preparation and hard work are rooted in its socialist values. In this it has a common connect with America. We, too, share this and so as Donald Trump believes, we might find we can explore ways to agree while we may not always see eye to eye. Our belief in our own values found in our freedoms which must never be trampled upon by any friend or foe is the cornerstone of American life.

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