The Amateur Eye -Look for the bang!

Position:  White – pawns on (a2/c3/e3/f2/g2); Ng3/Bc1/Rd4/Rf1/Qe2/Kg1.

Position:  Black – pawns on (a7/b7/c6/g7/h6); Ne5/Bb6/Rf8/Rh4/Qg5/Kh8

Set up the position on your board.

How coordinated are W/B forces? Square Count? King safety?  Black to move.

As you develop use of my square counting, you will discover a big edge where pieces and pawns dig into the enemy’s position.  Pieces dominate open or half-open lines that affect both ranks and files.  What impact do the major and minor pieces have here?  For White, the whole army share no real collective purpose.  Even the black monarch seems to have no real threat to it’s safety. The QB has not even moved.  White has 3 pawn islands and 2 for Black. This generally means a black superior pawn structure.  Black minor and major pieces are aimed at the center and kingside.

So kids and parents and all other readers, I leave you to decide the outcome of this game between Levon Aronian and Richard Rapport.  The solution will follow tomorrow so stay tuned!  Remember: Black to move and win.  The solution I will add here.  Warning:  the solution begins with a brilliant concept.  That is my only clue. Turn on your brain computer!                                               (***)

The secret to many successful tactics result due to tempi or just one tempo creating a position that makes the whole battlefield come to life. This occurred in a game from the Novi Sad, 3rd round.  I promised the answer and here it is!

Move 27 ….Rh1+!!  The necessary brilliant display of how a simple tempo can set the stage for a score.  28. K:h1  forced which sets up the conclusion. Capturing the Rook on d4 would have lost.  And hopeless also was 28. N:h1 Nf3+ 29. Q:f3 R:f3.  After 28. K:h1  B:d4 29. f3  Here the point of the tempo gain is made clear. If, 29. e:d4 Qh4+ 30. Kg1 Ng4 wins. Play continued after 29. f3 Bb6 30. Ne4 Qh5+31. Kg1 Bc7 32.Kf2  Qh2 33. Ke1   Rd8 34. Bd2 Nd3+ 35. Kd1 Qe5 36. g4  Qb5  37. Qg2 Nb2+ 38. Kc2 Nc4 39. Bc1  Rd5  40. g5 Na5  41. Bd2  Qd3+ And we stop the misery!!















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