Anon– Dear Friends!?

Having been selected for being a distinguished member of the Committee to raise millions for a monument to honor Hillary R. Clinton, as just one of many toward that end, I really feel honored to have earlier suggested that Hillary retire and not run for President but enjoy retirement from public life, enjoy the billions she sits on and reap the rewards of being the wife of Bill, having a beautiful daughter, a noisy but cheerful smiling grandchild where she could fully enjoy her wealth of self and playing grandma.  There she could watch her looks, give aid to the needy with generous donations to thousands of charities that scream from the rooftops for the grave yard that has been weaved during the past eight years of democratic fanfare.

Unfortunately, she did not listen to me.  Of course she never listens to anybody.  So, she looks like she belongs now in a soup kitchen of the Salvation Army, Meals On Wheels, or the American Red Cross.  That is performance of her talent of a worthwhile value.

Of course, the Democrat Party, trying to hide its deplorable and despicable recent folly in the 2016 election fiasco that was in bed with the news media 99% looking for the head of Donald J. Trump, literally found millions wasted on phony-baloney.  They never learned the axiom: Never stir the ashes of a long silent citizenry just waiting for the spark to be inflamed within the body politic.

Well, not to get off the beaten path, the general thought was to put her on Mount Rushmore.  The problem was she had two faces and the stone cutters couldn’t agree as to which face was real.

Then the plan agreed to was to put her statue between George Washington and Barack Hussein Obama in the Washington, D.C. Hall of Fame. Then, it was discovered by a few that George never told a lie, and Barack never told the truth.

Just what to do?  Then someone said that since she was hyped up to grant free access to our shores that she should be placed next to Christopher Columbus, the greatest Democrat of them all.  He left not knowing where he was going, and when he got there, did not know where he was.  He returned confused, not knowing where he had been, and did it all on someone else’s money!

On behalf of the Committee’s Investigation into the plan and merits of its being widely thought of as a final Hail Mary touchdown pass, I submit this altered paper.

God Bless America!!!


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