The Amateur Eye- Seek Originality?!

The following interesting game play gives you a taste of originality and view of planning from move one.  Here, the play is the thing.  At this stage, look at the participants like mere ghosts.

l.  d4  Nf6  This is probably best because it doesn’t give White any idea of exactly how the defense will be administered.

2. Nc3  d5  3. Bf4  e6  4. Nb5  Taking the fight to the enemy is all right because it poses problems.  Another idea is to go 4. e3 c5  5. Nb5  Na6 6. c3  Be7  7. h3  O-O   8.Nf3  Bd7 9.a4  Qb6 10. d:c5 Q:c5 11. Nfd4  Rfd8  12. Be2 Be8 13. O-O  Bf8 14. Be5  Nd7  15. b4  Qe7 16. Bd6  Qf6 17. f4  Qh6  18. Bd3 continuing the initiative.

4. … Na6  5. a3  c6  6. Nc3  Bd6  7. e3  Nc7  8. Nf3  B:f4  9. e:f4  Qd6  10. Ne5 b6  11. Qf3  c5  12. h4.  Take into mind, square count.  Double-edged play but challenging  for both sides which make for an interesting game.

The Killer Book mentioned earlier can further elaborate on unusual deployment of forces.  And may enlighten your spirits to seeking originality in your play.


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