The Amateur Eye – It’s Ideas !!

Put another way,  I would have liked to say  COMPUTER DEPENDENCY but it was just too long for my heading.  Living in this high tech world seems the wave of the future.  I see it in the eyes of youngsters who, instead of using their little minds now developing into making their lives a cherished walk through life, submit to pushing a button to see just what the computer recommends.  Chess educators weigh in on giving out trophies as rewards for participation rather than for achievement.  It has become a ritual too widely seen from this perspective. It all ends up in the relatively new term in this past century final page called dependency.  You see it in this world championship taking place in NYC. You see in the tweets by kids who say: What does the computer say about this position? That is just one of a number ?? asked.

We are talking about chess as an educational tool in academia but the result is often turned, not to originality of thought as seen in historical records of the players from earlier times, where we see individual achievement adding to the record of chess skill in paintings of individual style, of talent that sprung from the pages of great chess writings enabling all who read to enjoy the flavor of such talent.  That is the essence of personal achievement and respect seen in the styles and historic records of those who achieve mastership and joy for all who have come to embrace it.

Skill at chess does come from natural talent but it also must embrace hard work to achieve mastership of its fundamentals and modern ratings have given us a gauge for results of such effort and practice.  In a sense, this is the real benefit of computers for the individual and for the organized groups and clubs to provide quality tournaments and records.  The joy of chess can be achieved regardless of rating class.  Each player, regardless of rating class, man or woman, girl or boy can aspire to grow into a higher class by achievement. And we also see this in competitions among computer programs.

We do live in perhaps the final stage of chess development but enjoyment and play remain in the realm of the individual, the team, the club, the nation.

Computers will never destroy chess, such destruction comes only from the human heart. So long as chess pieces adorn the board of 64-squares and the spirit of a good fight exists, the values seen from its practice will endure for eternity.


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