Iran’s Chess Pandemonium

FIDE Cover Up is how some express it.  Why do we Americans have to suffer chess horrors by the dress code of this warmongering terroristic state?  Our US Women’s Champion, Nazi Paikidze, decided in an interview that she trashes the whole idea.  Bravo!! You betchum!!

It all started with the FIDE naming Iran as the host of the 2017 World Ladies Chess Championship. What shocked many girls I’m sure is that the ladies won’t be able to show off their beautiful hairdos and fashionable dress I’m sure they bought for the occasion.

My point is simply this: women should have the right to dress to fit their comfort zone. After all, they are playing chess, not attending some socially dictatorial government policy program.  Of course the question exists as to whether we bend to that will or if, as Americans, we believe in freedom to worship as we please and that sure doesn’t mean having a strict dress code to conform with some religious practice.  Bowing down to Iran, FIDE is ignoring the members who won the right to compete in this great chess tournament for women!  Perhaps FIDE should change the country to one that fosters no religious restrictions on participants. Life is tit for tat.  When it comes to chess, it is universal, not restrictive by rules foreign to it’s participants.

FIDE IS WRONG!  GM SUSAN POLGAR IS WRONG! (see comments below).


2 Responses to “Iran’s Chess Pandemonium”

  1. Susan Polgar Says:

    First of all, I am not a WGM. I am the fist woman to earn the GM title through tournament play like any male GM. Secondly, how can I be wrong if I had nothing to do with this event. I never supported or endorsed this event being held in Iran. I was never consulted, had no say, and have no ability to change it. So I am curious to know why I am wrong.

    Susan Polgar

    • kindredspiritks Says:

      Hello! NIC pg 10 2nd column: I agree here with the sentiments of NP because I am sick of the “political correctness” garbage spewed about in many areas of life these days. The Polgar sisters are my heroes (I have your book). I did not mean to belittle your comment, only that I truly agree with NP because only calling out these infractions on human dignity, will freedom ever ring true. That goes for chess, too!-Don. PS: I did messed up, you were awarded the Grandmaster Title but certainly you are entitled to also be called a WGM. You are after all, a lady and one to admire!

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