What Price for College Education

Parents, wake the hell up!!  Your sons and daughters should get career oriented training for a productive family future and skills in their chosen fields.  But are they?

Lets see.  The students being interviewed on TV by Watters of Fox News is disappointing. Why?  Simply because our parenting, education at all levels, have shortchanged the general student populous from grade school to college.  Part of the problem comes from these educator selections of what the students receive in books that should prepare students for their future.  Often, instead they get appointed by administration and teachers and professors where the slant on the material is largely of a left-wing socialist leaning.  And the result, they receive a deeper questioning of America’s value system for the past century by either professors or their student assistants who share the professor’s indoctrination of the class.

I addressed in a recent article on the corruption of our belief system through the communist-socialist-Marxist and legal brain of the Chicago Mob of years ago.  Saul Alinsky once wrote that he would hope to end up in Hades because he would be able to indoctrinate sinners to be good Useful Idiots.  He would not have to worry about a belief structure like that of the Ten Commandments since most would be already oriented as corrupted secularists.With the election of Donald J. Trump we see the liberal media, scholastic levels reaching down even to the lower grades in our school systems to HATE. We witness the collaboration of communist infiltrators that work overtime to stir up the people per Alinsky’s indoctrination.  HATE/BURN/DESTROY because the weak minded and poorly educated are easily led by these professional agitators.

So I address the American Family.  Do you get what you paid for?  I wonder.


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