Kindred Speaks! “Are You Listening?”

I have avoided the political hogwash; it is coming from both camps–Democrats and Republicans alike.  The juices just stir in my stomach far too often so I try to avoid my brand of political analysis for readers who likely could care less about my pen contributions.  I get no feedback about it anyway so I figure why bother.

As you might have guessed, I have a great distaste for socialism, two of the worst being Nazi-type troublemakers and the Alinsky brand of communism of which Hillary Clinton embraced from college days such views of the socialist/Marxist troublemaker.

We have seen murder of a leader opposing Putin; no action needed.  Maybe Kasparov was lucky when he opposed Putin but was simply defeated at the polls.  The last four years under Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State leadership, we have seen turmoil, the likes of which nothing similar in my 78 years comes to mind.  Russia has sensed weaknesses and like their great grandmasters have played the United States where I am afraid to wonder if the endgame is near-at-hand.

Our own treasury is defunct to the tune of over 20 trillion dollars.  Obama goes his merry way cheering first the Global Warming forecast of scientists who subsequently had to alter that to Global Climate Change.  The dirty little secret is that the SUN has over history waged a rain of terror on the world modern technology developments meant to better our lives.  It always existed but we did not have those high tech products — they weren’t invented yet if even thought about.  Our Earth has been a target for centuries by the huge ice and other passing objects that, if they collide with our Planet, could cause unimaginable harm.  We have to believe that our Heavenly Father will ever protect us since he created all things in the universe.  Keep a prayer in your Heart.  So far…..

Government, like always, plays with our economic structure of security first and finding ways to improve our life cycles that often end in conflict.  Progress is a given.  However, we have to be rational and not go off the deep end.  We must find a way to purify our carbon print and I understand this is possible but is expensive.  Therein lies a debacle: wind power run by huge turbines seems a start.  Then it was found that such throws a monkey  wrench into the bird species homing migratory routes.  Birds, useful insects like bees and many others are being eliminated for the human desire of having beautiful lawns and plants and more and more million dollar homes and retirement properties that have undercut our future needs of more land for cultivating crops.  Family farms are slowly disappearing and schools offer less and less agriculture courses because educators have jumped on the band wagon to tell kids that farming is on the way out and to look for a more prosperous career choice.

Well, you won’t hear that from the professional know-it-alls and some government officials who might recognize such trends are too few and far between to be heard by the masses.  And you won’t find my website being hailed by anybody because I doubt if any politician even follows me.  I am not an elite member of society.  And I really don’t want to be.  These power hungry citizens have their reward here on Earth.  I shall look for it in Heaven.



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