The Amateur Eye

For players who have little time to study openings, the club amateur thankfully can adopt a system which fits into my square count theory on planning from move one.  This opening line has been around for a long time but pushed to the back burners as being too square.  Indeed, it is a system where the planned strategy can embrace different ideas but has a central objective for board control and space.

l.  P-Q4  N-KB3  2.  N-KB3 !  This move stops black from a type of renegade system if 2. P-QB4  P-K4!? where on 3. P:P chases the Knight into White’s territory leading to a wild and wooly game.  Why even invite such a wild game especially if home preparation for the club meeting that night finds you with the white men?  It also  defangs any thought of meeting any number of Indian defenses.

Lets try some possible variations:

2. … P-KN3  3. B-N5!  White’s idea is to get the bishop outside the pawn structure (P-K3) and immediately assault the enemy field of battle.  Black can play a number of pawn and piece structures in defense.

3. … Bg7  And White does well with either  N/1-Q2, P-QB3  and  P-K3 since this pawn formation will develop toward a solid home base and hard to attack while securing a healthy square count for the coming battle. Eye square count in the following games.

Some games played by Kramnik appear in Yearbook 120. Algebraic notation.

l. d4  Nf6  2. Nf3  g6 3. Bg5  Bg7  4. Nbd2  O-O   5. e3  d6 6. c3  Nbd7  7. Bd3  e5  8. O-O  h6 9. Bh4  Qe8  10. e4  b6  11. Re1  Bb7  12. a4  a5  13. Bb5!  The w/s complex on the Q-side gives the edge to white.

l. d4  Nf6  2. Nf3 g6  3. Bg5 Bg7  4. c3  O-O  5. Nbd2 d5  6. e3  Nbd7 7. Be2  e5  8. O-O  b6  9. a4  a6  10. b4  Bb7 (c4 was better) 11. a5 c:b4  12. c:b4  b5  13. Rc1 Ne8 14. Nb3  Nd6 15. Ne1!>16. Nd3 with the outpost aim of c5.

It must be remembered that White also has 1. d4 > Nf3 > Bf4 > e3. as previously seen in the Killer Opening Book review.




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