Chess Offers a Historic Treasure of Life

The long history of chess and the enormity of literature written on and about chess and it’s personalities featuring many dramatic photographs is rarely discussed or recognized as having a value beyond the vast majority of folks who endeavor to play and enjoy the game of kings as it has been described.

Great books and magazines on the game have appeared over a period of two centuries.  It had more or less been removed from the everyday chess personage to be housed in the mind and shelves of it’s devotees who cherish this element of chess thought.  With the development of computer technology which the game itself has contributed in the hands of technicians fuller understanding of both chess and electronic devices, pushed the game from mothball to a modern revolution of a  30-50 year to closing the gap for the average enthusiast to enjoy improved tournament conditions and timely pairings regardless the number of entries.  This expanse has led to multiple increases in turnout and participation at all levels from school age to adult.

In Chess Life’s magazine article written by Jerry Nash, “Benefits of Chess as an Education Tool”, October 2016 issue, you find contributions by school officials, to wit:

Chess helps our students increase the opportunities of being successful in the academic arena and develops their concentration and communication skills.  In addition, chess enhances student teacher relationships and increases parental involvement.

We have trained over 250 teachers in three years.  Many walked into the workshop on day one not even knowing the names of the pieces.  At the end of the week, they had the necessary skills to incorporate chess into their curriculum, as well as to start chess clubs.

When I visited the Marchand Open which is held at the Strong Museum in Rochester, NY, I saw children and adults engaged in chess play.  Kids love to play chess and I found many crammed in the halls chatting and playing chess on the floor between rounds.  Kids coming from other towns , cities, and states as well as our neighbor to the north, Canada. I can see chess as a building block for greater understanding and friendships among the group gathered for such events as this.

This game of war is also a game for better relations and friendships among peoples of all races and creeds.  Chess tends to bind those to better tolerance and behavior.


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