I send a message to fools;  I send a message to the uncorseted  pop culture.

Facts, ladies–just the facts.  Is it a play in chess that leaves me senseless like being naught but pawn chowder?  There is left nothing for me but a maze of youth lost by the elite  pandering garbage of hateful contempt, corruption and greed. And for those who don’t grasp what I am saying, I bid you ado.

With this brief, I axe my thoughts from my brain. Before you grow weary with my humor, I leave you with these tidbits to go with your coffee break.

Aries:  You let nothing stop you from learning–everyone loves this about you, how you are constantly evolving, stretching and growing  into a person of your own creation.

Blondie:  Dear, would you like to go to the symphony tomorrow night with the Harrisons?
Blondie holds the phone with her hand over the speaker directing her question to Dagwood.  No!  We’d love to.  Dagwood is taken aback so retreats to his favorite lounge chair.  Oh, stop pouting sweetheart!  I thought you would appreciate being asked before I said yes.

Pickles:  Pearl,  you haven’t been answering my phone calls.  Are you mad at me about something?  No, Opal.  Things have just been going kind of lousy for me recently. Oh! Thank goodness!  What?!!

Doonesbury Classics :  Hi!  You are watching cable 2 TV, and this is ‘Ask Dr. Whoopee’ Tonight’s topic: TEENS IN TURMOIL.  By the age of promiscuity, what do your kids really know about the risks?  We’re getting answers from some actual teens like Andrea here.  Andrea?  Well, like, I know aids is a totally bad thing to get. But my parents are like so paranoid, and it’s like my life, you know?  Also, like I don’t know but I’ve heard sex is totally excellent. My friend Jennifer…Remember, these are actual teenagers!

Shoe:  Says here NASA ‘s developed a new breakfast drink for Astronauts who like country music. What’s it called?  TWANG.

The Family Circle:  It’s reading time to his little brother.  Once upon a time…Didn’t anybody ever look at the clock in those days?  Nobody ever knows what time it is in these stories you read me. 


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