Sins of Not Castling

The importance of castling that my lessons through the years harp on regularly as new examples pop up to tweak the noses of even the greats of the game illustrate that omitting the art to castling early is a sin that bites the chess artist whose idea, I guess, is to use that neutral type move to hurry some aggressive action.  One of the great things I learned from a study of Petrosian, once referred to as “the tiger,” is the value of patience.

The 44th Annual World Open, Philadelphia 2016 saw FM William Morrison (2375) and GM Irina Krush (2525) in a dueling battle coming out of a Sicilian Defense.

l. e4  c5  2. Nf3  e6  3. c3  Nf6  4. Bd3  This idea reminds me of a Danny Kopec venture he was noted for.  Here, it seems a bit awkward.  Black was unable to call it spades or hearts.

4. … Nc6  5. O-O  d5  6. e5  This pawn will come to be like a bone in the throat.

6. … Ng4  Known to Morrison’s database is 6….Nfd7.  In these open events, winning and risk taking is all important if you hope for a cash prize.

7. Bb5  Bd7  8. B:c6  B:c6  9. d4  h5 Trying to reach a type of French position and follows because of the Ng4 sally.

10. Na3 Optimistically dreaming about working the Knight to c2.  Black could try 10… c:d4!11. c:d4  Be7 12. Nc2  Rc8; or 11. Q:d4 B:a3 12. b:a3.  Both seem a bit unclear.

10. … Nh6  Trading is not always a good policy.  Krush’s objective is the two-bishops with the f5 square outpost for the Knight.

11. Nc2  Nf5  12. d:c5  Why?  I would prefer continuing with square count agenda like 12. Bg5.

12. … B:c5  13. Ncd4  Following his Na/c/d4 jump idea but 13. …N:d4  seems unlikely to create a lasting initiative for either side.

14. Be3  Bb6  15. Qd3  Qd7  16. Rfe1  Overprotecting the strong e5 pawn ala Nimzowitsch.

16. … Bc7  17. Bg5  Ng6  18. h4  Ne7  Going backwards on square count seems negative and perhaps the beginning of White making progress.

19. b3! White’s aim is to grab space on the Q-side.

19. … a6  20.  a4  Rc8  21. Ra2  Bb8  22. g3  Ng8  23. Rae2!  Nh6  24. Nh2  Ba7  25. Nhf3  Ng4  26. Kg2  Bb8  27. Nh2  N:h2  28. K:h2  Ba7  Black’s forces are in shambles.

29. Nf5!! Crushing.

29. …e:f5?  Black’s only chance as I see it would be the radical 29…Kf8 using my square count thoughts if given half a chance for a …b5 pawn break on the Q-side.  The Knight is simply immune to capture on f5.

30. e6! Here the idea of overprotection come mightily to it’s secret.

30….  f:e6  31. R:e6+  Kf8  32. Re7  Again, Nimzowitsch’s play on the 7th!

32. … Re8  33. R:d7 B:d7 34. Re8+  Black resigns.



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